Sunrise Hygiene

for ages above 16

£15/month or £30/month

min £20 or £40 saving

This plan is suitable for all adults. You can choose between two or four treatments per year.

Our highly preventative, minimally invasive dental hygiene treatment is unlike traditional scaling and polishing as it is safe, gentle and relatively pain-free as it uses warm water. (The Piezon PS ultrasonic is very gentle and light in comparison to standard Ultrasonic scalers). The airflow treatment provided at Sunrise Dental Clinic is for natural teeth, restorations, orthodontic appliances and implants.

It is an 8 step process. The plus powder contains erythritol and is less abrasive than traditional mechanical debridement with rubber cups and brushes and removes biofilm, stains and early calculus as well as polishing in one single procedure.

Included treatments
  • 2 or 4 hygiene treatments /year
  • 25% off tooth whitening if needed
  • 10% dental treatment discount excluding orthodontics
  • 25% off emergency appts & priority (max 2/yr) if needed

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2 hygiene treatments /year


4 hygiene treatments /year


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